Important Dates


September 24 – Begin mailing out absentee ballots to Voters who have requested and completed an absentee application.

October 11 – Last day to register to vote in the November 8th General Election. Also, the last day to update your address. You may come to our office by 4:30pm or visit before midnight to make changes to your registration.

October 12 – In-person early voting begins. This is the first day that a voter may vote an absentee ballot at the Voter Registration Office (501 E. Court Ave, Room 139, Jeffersonville).

October 20 – First day a confined Voter and their caregiver may vote an absentee ballot before an Absentee Voter Board at their residence. Please contact the office to request a Travel Board absentee application (812)285-6329.

October 27 by 11:59pm – Deadline for your Vote by Mail absentee ballot application to be received in the Voter Registration office (regardless of the postmark date). Applications may be submitted to Voter Registration in-person (close at 4:30pm), mail, fax, or email. You may also submit an absentee application online through the Indiana Voter Portal at



Clark County Court House Room 139, 501 E Court Ave., Jeffersonville


9:00am to 4:00 pm


Wednesday – Friday, October 12th-October 14th,2022

Monday-Friday October 17th-November 4th, 2022

Saturdays: October 29th and November 5th, 2022

November 7th – Monday, until 12:00 (noon) ONLY



For Additional Information Please Contact the
Clark County Voter Registration Office

Susan Popp, Clark County ClerkSusan Popp, Clark County Clerk
Clark County Voter Registration
501 E. Court Avenue, Room 139
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
812.285.6329 TEL
812.280.5652 FAX