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GIS Property Mapping

Clark County has partnered with Elevate for Geographical Information System Solution. Click on the title link above to view the property information.

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Pay Your Property Tax

Clark County is excited to offer residents an easy and convenient method to view, print and pay their Real Estate bills online. This is a fee-based service. Credit Cards and Debit Cards 2.25% for each transaction plus $1.50 per transaction. E-CHECKS For each transaction up to $99,999. Is $1.50

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Property Zoning Map

To determine the zoning for a piece of property in Clark County please contact the Clark County Planning and Zoning Office or follow the steps below to view the Clark County Zoning information. 

1. Click here to view the GIS website
2. Click on the tab on the right side of the page labeled “Map Contents”
3. Scroll down the list until you reach “Zoning – County”
4. This will add the zoning layer for the County. Use the “+” icon to access the dropdown legend.


Clark County Sheriff Sales

Sheriff Sales are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am in the Lobby outside of the Sheriffs Office in the city county building at 501  E. Court Ave., Jeffersonville.  Anyone bidding on property must bring a letter of credit from the bank to John Hawkins at the Sheriffs Office.  The letter must state the amount of money that is available to that person so I know that person can bid up to that amount of money on the property for sale.  The person that places the highest bid for the property must pay into the Sheriffs Office the day of the sale, the full amount that was bid on the property.

Click here for more information on Sheriff Sales


Clark County Tax Sales

Click here to view all scheduled tax sales for Clark County. Clark County tax sales are offered from SRI Incorporated. 


Tax Research on Clark County Property

Gov Tech Tax Services provides tax information to professionals researching tax information in Clark County. Gov Tech Tax Services are used primarily for escrow payers, title companies and real estate agents. For additional information please contact the Clark County Treasurer's Office.

Click here to begin Tax Research on a Clark County Property


Making a Payment on a Personal Property Judgement

Delinquent personal property certified to court judgements CANNOT be paid on the Clark County Government website.  For personal property judgment information or amounts, contact American Financial Credit Services, Inc. (AFCS). AFCS is the collection agency serving Clark County Government. AFCS handles collection of personal property tax bills which have been certified.  Once a bill has been certified the taxpayer must work with AFC directly to pay the amount due. Click on the title link above to visit the AFCS website or call 1-888-317-2327 Ext #500. (AFCS does NOT accept payments for regular property tax payments)

Click here for more information on making a Payment



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