State Scenic Byways Committee Accepting Public Comment on Proposed Ohio River Scenic Byway Extension

The Indiana Scenic Byways committee today announced that it is accepting comments from the public on the proposed extension of the Ohio River Scenic Byway along State Road 265 in Clark County.

The application for the proposed extension can be viewed online

Public comment can be submitted online at by clicking "Make a Request", entering "SR265 Scenic Byway Application Comment" in the description field, and entering comments in the text box provided. Public comment will also be accepted by mail at INDOT Office of Public Involvement, 100 N. Senate Ave. N642, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Comments from the public on the application will be accepted through Friday, April 27, 2018.

SR 60 Bridge Project To Begin In April

Indiana Department of Transportation officials met with contractor representatives, utility coordinators and design engineers this morning (MARCH 9) at Seymour District offices to review plans for a $1,757,000 bridge replacement project on State Road 60 in Clark County.  

Louisville Paving Company, Indiana’s contractor, is charged with removing and replacing the 3-span S.R. 60 bridge spanning Persimmon Run—located 4.93 miles west of S.R. 111, just west of Broom Hill Road—and installation of a 14 X 9-foot concrete box culvert measuring 72 feet in width at a tributary to Muddy Fork Creek—located 1.5 miles east of Bordon.  Both structures are in Wood Township.  

The Louisville contractor plans to begin work to replace the box culvert in mid- to late-April.  Two-way traffic on S.R. 60 will be shifted to lane and shoulder areas allowing installation to occur one-half at a time.  This operation should be completed within 60 days. 

Replacement of S.R. 60’s 85-foot-long bridge over Persimmon Run is expected to require 120 days for construction. 

S.R. 60 has a traffic count of 10,750 vehicles per day at the culvert and 9,960 at the bridge.

Source - INDOT

Clark County Flood Repairs

Residents in the unincorporated portions of Clark County are reminded to obtain building permits for repairs to flood-damaged structures.

Residents of the unincorporated portions of Clark County are reminded with the recent disaster, many structures in the community may have experienced structural damage. Repairs and/or reconstruction activities to structures damaged due to the disaster that are located in the floodplain will require a local building permit from the Clark County Office of Planning & Zoning, as required by the Clark County Floodplain Ordinance. Failure to obtain the necessary permits can result in fines up to $2,500 per day, per violation. In addition, depending on a property’s location, a permit may be required from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources prior to the start of any reconstruction activity.

For more information on the permitting process or any questions regarding floodplains in Clark County, please contact Stacia Franklin at 812-285-6287 or via email at

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