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Pay Clark County Indiana Property Taxes

The County Treasurer is the property tax collector and custodian of all monies with responsibility for investing idle funds and maintaining an adequate cash flow. The treasurer settles with township and city treasurers for taxes collected for the county and state. The treasurer collects real, personal and mobile home property taxes. The Treasurer maintains debt service accounts for bonded indebtedness of the County.


Taxpayers are welcome to set up a monthly installment plan using the ”Pay Online” service. You can set up a recurring monthly (or other period) payment that will be debited from your checking account. If you do not have a mortgage escrow account, but would like the convenience of paying monthly, please click through to our online payment portal and set up your own monthly installment plan directly with the County Treasurer.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Indiana'S "Do Not Call" List

With stories of phone scams appearing in headlines lately, Indiana residents are urged to sign up for Indiana's "Do Not Call" list.

Registration is free for Indiana residents and available for residential land lines, wireless numbers, prepaid wireless numbers and voice over internet protocols.

While being placed on the list will eliminate most telemarketing calls, residents may still be contacted by certain groups such as insurance agents, newspapers, realtors and most charities. The easiest way to avoid dealing with these types of calls is by ignoring the call if you do not recognize the number.

Indiana residents can sign up for the list by clicking here.

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