Report a Road Hazard on a County Road


The Clark County Highway Department is responsible for the repair of all Clark County bridges and patching of all county roads and highways. If you would like to report a pothole or a hazardous road condition on a Clark County Road please see the button on the right side of the page below or visit the Highway Department webpage for more information.

Please Note: For roads within the City of Jeffersonville, or within another city/town in Clark County please contact them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Can I still register to vote for the 2020 election? The registration deadline for the 2020 election was October 5. If you registered after the deadline, we will process that application starting December 1, 2020.
  2. Will my polling location be open on election day? ALL precincts have confirmed they will be open from 6 am to 6 pm on election day. Even if a polling location is a school or church and they are not open or holding services, they will still be open on election day.
  3. Where can I check to see my registration/polling location: Click on the ‘Register to Vote’ section of this website. You can check your registration status and polling location there.


  1. How do I vote Absentee? You can apply to vote absentee by going to All applications must be submitted online or be returned to the Voter Registration office by 11:59 pm on Thursday, 10/22/2020. Applications must include a reason as listed on the form.
  2. My absentee ballot application was postmarked by October 20, 2020, but arrived after the deadline, will a ballot be issued? Your application must be received in the Voter Registration office by 11:59 pm Thursday, October 22, 2020.
  3. Can I email/fax my absentee ballot application? You can email your application by the deadline to or fax it to 812.280.5652.
  4. When is my absentee ballot due? Your absentee ballot must be placed into our P.O. box at the Jeffersonville Post Office by NOON on November 3rd. Any ballots arriving after November 3rd will not be counted.
  5. Can I vote in person if I have an absentee ballot? Yes, but you will need to bring your ballot with you and surrender it.
  6. If I have submitted an absentee ballot, can I ask for it back so I can change my vote(s)? Once we receive your ballot you have voted.  


  1. How do I vote early? You can early vote at the Clark Co. Courthouse (501 East Court Avenue). Voting occurs Monday – Saturday until October 31; 9:00am – 4:00pm.
  2. Do I need a reason to vote early in-person? Any registered voter in Clark County can early vote at the Clark County Courthouse.
  3. Can I vote with an expired Indiana photo ID? Yes, as long as it expired after November 06, 2018.
  4. Can I vote in person if I have an absentee ballot? Yes, but you will need to bring your ballot with you in order to surrender it.
  5. If I have submitted an absentee ballot and decide to vote early, can I ask for my absentee ballot back so I can change my vote(s)? Once we receive your ballot, you have voted.


  1. When is my vote counted? November 3, 2020. No matter how you voted (absentee, early in person, or on Election Day), your ballot will be counted November 3, 2020. Absentee and early vote ballots are opened and ran through the same type of voting machines used at the precincts on election day.
  2. Who opens the ballot envelopes? Ballots are opened by bi-partisan teams made up of Democrats and Republicans that are appointed by their respective county chairman.
  3. Can you link my name to my vote? There is a procedure followed that ensures those opening the envelopes do NOT associate your name with a particular ballot.
  4. Can you tell me if/when my mailed ballot was received? Visit and go to my "Voter Portal" and track your absentee ballot from requesting an absentee ballot to receipt of your ballot at the Clark Co. Courthouse. 
  5. What if I fail to sign the brown "Absentee Envelope?” The Clark County Election board will contact you by phone and by mail.  You can come to the Clark Co. Courthouse and sign the ballot.  Additionally, we will mail you a "Signature Affidavit" specifically for the purpose of your absentee ballot.  We will make every effort to make sure your vote is counted!
  6. Will my vote count if my signature has changed due to a medical incident or another reason? YES.  If your signature is in question, the County Election Board will contact you for information.  Again, we want your vote to count!
  7. Does Indiana allow the use of "drop boxes" to return absentee ballots? NO. State law does not allow counties to have drop boxes for absentee ballots. If you do not want to mail it you may hand it in personally at the Clark County courthouse (501 E. Court Ave, Jeffersonville, IN).  You may only turn in your own ballot or the ballot of someone in your household. 

2020 School Board Candidates

Below is a list of current candidates for school board. The deadline to apply to be a school board candidate is August 21st, and this list will be updated when people apply. 

Borden Henryville

  • Brian A. Guernsey BHSC District 1
  • Terry Roudenbush BHSC District 2
  • Myra Wright Powell BHSC District 3
  • Richard (Rick) Belcher BHSC  At Large
  • Kevin Puckett BHSC At Large
  • Don Guthrie BHSC At Large
  • Kimra Schleicher BHSC At Large

Clarksville community

  • Lynn Wilson District 1
  • William P. (Bill) Wilson District 2
  • Teresa A Cummings District 5

Greater Clark

  • Katie (Hutch) Hutchinson District 2
  • Kevin Paul District 5
  • Milton Clayton District 6
  • Keith Freeman District 6
  • Teresa Bottorff-Perkins District 7

Silver Creek

  • Chris Rountree SC District 1
  • Scott D. Groan SC District 2
  • Greg Slaten SC District 2
  • Rachel J. Overberg SC District 3
  • Richard Anderson SC District 3
  • Joe Basham SC  At Large
  • Douglas Coffman SC  At Large
  • Kristy Franklin SC At Large

2020 School Board Candidates


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