Effective July 1st, 2015. 

(Fees are typically revised on July 1st each year)

Adoption AD $156.00
Civil Collection CC $156.00
Civil Plenary PL $156.00
Civil Tort CT $156.00
Domestic Relation (Dissolution / Separation) DR $176.00
Estate – Supervised or Unsupervised Administration ES or EU $176.00
Estate – Miscellaneous EM $176.00
Expungement - Conviction XP $156.00 
Expungement - No Conviction XP  No Charge 
Guardianship GU $176.00
Juvenile Paternity (Public if filed after 7/1/2014) JP $195.00
Miscellaneous Civil MI $156.00
Mortgage Foreclosure MF $206.00
Order for Protection PO $5.00
Small Claim SC $96.00
Trust TR $176.00
Change of Venue/Transfer to Indiana County Same as Cost to File New Case
Civil and Small Claims Actions:  The filing fees above reflect the amount for one named Defendant.  A $10.00 service fee shall be collected for EACH additional Defendant that is named or added.  A $10.00 garnishee service fee shall be collected for each Garnishee Defendant that is named or added in EXCESS of THREE (3).
Service by Sheriff: A $25.00 service of process fee shall be collected one time per case BEFORE JUDGMENT.  A $25.00 service of process fee shall be collected one time per case AFTER JUDGMENT.
Service by Certified or Registered Mail:  Filing fees include the cost of serving TWO PARTIES at ONE ADDRESS EACH at initial mailing.  For service at additional addresses or upon additional parties at initial mailing, and for service by Certified or Registered Mail after initial mailing, the requesting party must provide the Clerk with PRE-PAID PRE-ADDRESSED certified postage materials bearing the Clerk's return address.  See Ind. Code 33-32-2-10.
Mortgage Foreclosure Fee:  Indiana Senate Bill 415, which became effective on May 7, 2015, amended Ind. Code 33-37-5-33 and reinstated the fifty dollar ($50) mortgage foreclosure counseling and education fee. This fee will be collected from a party filing an action to foreclose a mortgage.

For Additional information Please CONTACT the CLERK'S OFFICE

Susan PoppSusan Popp, Clark County Clerk
Clark County Government Building
501 E. Court Avenue, Room 137
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
812.285.6244 TEL
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